Customer Service

The essence of Top Care Logistics Service is the strong belief that everything is on the correct communication with its clients. Our commitment is to always be able to provide you, our customer, with reports that show all outstanding orders, along with relevant information pertaining to each order, faxes & e-mails are as frequent as you require.

We are also committed to provide services as efficient as possible and we strongly believe in using technology to facilitate this transfer of information.

A fully interactive Internet site has been developed and it is a key area for on-going improvements. This will enable you to quickly and accurately monitor information on your orders and electronically download data if required. In order to maintain a standard of services in this field there are some guidelines regarding how we communicate with our clients, suppliers and partners.

Customer Service Guidelines
With our clients and partners, we enjoy a warm and joyful contact. We work professionally, personally and with the goal to strengthen our relations and to achieve better results.

At your requests we reply within two hours, otherwise within twelve hours maximum. The person in charge is educated and specialized in his/her area of expertise.

We always act in a professional manner and we handle any un-expectancy that may occur in a structured and efficient way.